Did you know…?

Chris and Michael telling the Story of Place

At the spring Gathering of Cascadians we shared in the telling of the history of our region, a Story of Place. Around the circle, storytellers wove this tale.

It all began long ago when molten lava from volcanoes in Idaho covered the region, later cooling to become  Basalt rock thousands of feet thick.  Continue reading

Gathering of Cascadians

We hosted our first “Gathering of Cascadians” on Earth Day this year. It was a lively event, with species mask-making, surprise guests, a shared telling of the history-of-place, a glimpse into the landscape, peoples and spirits of Cascadia, a talking circle and a collaboratively improvised song to honor the event. What Fun!

Our Deepest Thanks to Cerimon House, Randall Stuart and Lily Burnett, Marlene Andrejco for the lovely pictures below, Deborah Einbender, Pamela Norris, Carol Benson Knutson and Evelyn Kochinowski, the delightful animal dancers, Caren Graham and David Vala. Special Thanks to Izetta Smith and Ellen Goldberg who made this event possible. Here are some pictures of the evening’s celebration: