Stories by Kids

If you’re a kid that likes to write stories, send us your favorite story and we may post it here.  We have just a few rules.  Here they are:

  • We want your original stories. That means you make up the characters from your own imagination. For example: if you want to make up a story about a Super Hero, it has to be one you invent, as well as all those special powers.  OK?
  • It’s just fine if you make up your story with some friends.
  • Killing and violence with guns and bombs and stuff – just leave that out.  See how amazing you can make your story without it.

Just for you:  we’ll be posting story-starters and tips for writers . . .Coming Soon!

Fill out the form below and post your story. Wait a couple of days then check back.  If you follow the guidelines above, we’ll post your story on its own page!